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All our job vacancies can be found here.

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We offer internships, which can be found here.

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We offer work-study programmes that can lead to permanent employment with Edvance. Our work-study job opportunities can be found here.

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The level of experience required is indicated in all "our job vacancies". Some positions are open to younger people and other positions require a certain level of experience in the nuclear industry or other sectors.

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You can apply directly online by clicking on the offers.

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The recruitment process takes around 1 month.

  1. Preliminary evaluation of your application
    You have applied for an internship, work-study placement or job offer and your profile has caught our attention. We will contact you to offer you an interview
  2. This interview is an opportunity to learn more about your skills and experience, your motivation for joining us and also to explain the position and the company.
  3. Interview with managers
    You will meet with operational managers in order to fully understand the position and the working conditions that you are being offered.
  4. Offer to work with us
    If you have successfully completed the above steps, then we will be delighted to offer you an opportunity to work with Edvance. If you accept our offer, you will be offered an internship, work-study placement or permanent contract.
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Edvance is located in the Paris region (Montrouge) and also in Lyon, Flamanville, Bristol (UK) and Erlangen (Germany).

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A good command of the English language is necessary for most of the positions to be filled at Edvance.